Electronic music from Belgium


Founded in 2015, Bellectra Records has known a steady flow of releases from label owner Bart Leblans. Operating under different monikers Bart brings a variation in styles: Bellectra was his first artist name. And this later became the name of his label too: Bellectra Records. The name Bellectra is a contraction of bel(le) and electra. It stands for (beautiful) electronic music from Belgium. It is also referring to a company named Electrabel which is a Belgian electricity company. Not because the company so is so fantastic but it's name always had a "techno" feel to it. Musically the Bellectra release are the mostly melodic. Melancholic sometimes. Inspired by 80's wave music an 90's electonics.


The Hex_Bolts moniker was born in 2016 when some tracks which had a harder edge needed a place on the label. The hex bolt shape refers to tools and indicate the tracks can be seen as tools. It's a series on which techno experiments can be released without too many conceptual restrictions. Later the name Le Blanc was chosen for a more commercial approach.

Today Bellectra Records is still a way for Bart to be able to continue his "musical journey". Today's technology makes it possible to do it all yourself. DIY Music Industries. This was not imagineable 20 years ago when Bart had career in the music industry: as a DJ and dept. manager in Free Record Shop and Virgin Megastore Brussels, product manager at Proxis and distribution/label manager at Play It Again Sam Brussels.

Bart feels he is lucky he has been inspired by so many different people, artists, labels and clubs. Making his own music feels like natural progression to him. His music is often minimal but can be quite delicate and melodic too. He does not want to be restricted to one style or genre. That's something for the bizz to figure out. If he is asked to name 5 artists who inspired him the most he would go for something like "Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin, Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle, Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson, Lorenz Brunner, Ian Pooley, Robert Smith, Andrew Weatherall, Nick Cave, Gilles Peterson, Matthew Herbert, Tom Middleton, Billie Holiday, Geoff Barrow, Bryan Chapman, Mathew Jonson, Dominik Eulberg ... " there's no stopping him now ...